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Incorporation Services

Company Formation
Delaware Corporation $1,800
Delaware LLC $1,800
Panama Corporation $800



Shelf companies - special offers

Panama Corporation Package
First year 800 USD

This price includes:
* Articles of incorporation in Spanish with Apostille
* Certified English translation of the Articles of incorporation with Apostille
* Blank Power of Attorney in English with Apostille
* Resident Agent for the first year
* Nominee directors for the first year
* Resignation letters from the nominee directors in English
* Share subscription transfers
* Two blank share certificates
* Courier to the USA or Europe
Offshore Business Banking

Corporate Bank Accounts

Anonymous Banking

Anonymous ATM Cards

$200 per card (incl. $30 credit)

The Canette Group was founded in 1986 by Paul Canette. We are one of the leading offshore services providers in the world.
Shelf companies - special offers
Private Banking

Personal Offshore Accounts

Anonymous ATM cards

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